• Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - Hospitality: Bar and Restaurant
  • Company/Firm
    Stokes Architecture + Design
  • Lead Designer
    Lance Saunders
  • Design Team
    Richard Stokes
  • Interior Designer
    Lance Saunders
  • Photographer Credit
    Jason Varney
  • Location
    Philadelphia, PA
  • Client
  • Project Date
    February 2022

Kpod started as a quick refresh, but quickly turned into a full concept update with new menu & vibe. The earlier design was essentially one continuous, slick surface, but the refresh roughs up the edges a bit and creates new points of interest.
The first focus was the ceiling, removing neon lighting & padded waffling detail, & replacing it with plywood panels & custom felt flags in gradient earth tones. Then came parting the “sea of tables” with a wrap-around banquette down the center, & new booths in the bar area. Wood elements were added to create warmth & visual interest. Completely overhauling the lighting design with LOI, eliminating all the colored lights (except in the pods) in favor of more focused and warm lighting. Other eye-catching moments include large custom pink split flap sign above the bar (first pink one ever!) Circular dining pods lined with K-pop images & switches to control colored lighting within, & pop-y color-blocked patterns on the walls which used to be glossy white. David Guinn of Electric Alley, painted the wall mural. The design was elevated from an all white monochromatic futuristic vibe to contemporary bold colors & striking patterns.

Stokes Architecture + Design created a place that beckons a town’s rich past while igniting its promising future by weaving vintage and modern industrial elements of New Hope’s past and present through a mix of materials and techniques. Utilizing the entirety of the plot’s irregular, narrow footprint they created visually distinct elements that fit seamlessly into the existing panorama of the historic town. The result is an impressive, multi-faceted structure with a contemporary sensibility that simultaneously feels like it’s been part of New Hope all along.

Other prizes
dezeen awards 2021 - longlisted for Architecture, Hospitality Building