• Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - Exhibition / Gallery
  • Company/Firm
    Yaonian Design Studio
  • Lead Designer
    Yaonian Li
  • Interior Designer
    Yaonian Li

The interior space deconstructs and reorganizes the building blocks to extract the staggered box style, and then establishes the overall layout trend. Through the tonality between different materials, the visual impact is formed, and visitors are invited to follow the steps deeply. A large number of streamlined designs are used to combine the water town culture with space, strengthen the concept of symbiosis with the city, and create a small and exquisite hotel experience space. Meanwhile, the homecoming lobby of the physical display area is also based on hotel reception. Through the multi-dimensional design combination of space, material and lighting, visitors can personally experience the sense of ceremony in the homecoming hall, which is combined with the landscape inside and outside the field, and jointly create the urban living experience.