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    Winner in Interior Design - Residential
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    MARCEL EBERHARTER Innenarchitektur & Gesamteinrichtung
  • Lead Designer
    Marcel Eberharter
  • Architect
    MARCEL EBERHARTER Innenarchitektur & Gesamteinrichtung
  • Interior Designer
    MARCEL EBERHARTER Innenarchitektur & Gesamteinrichtung
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    ©Eberharter GmbH
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    City of Salzburg
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THE STUDIO was built in the heart of Salzburg‘s historic Andräviertel district, where the Austrian architect Valentin Ceconi designed the imposing townhouses, reminiscent of the famous Ringstrasse architecture.
The Gründerzeit house was built in 1900. The urban revitalization of the historic building fabric at the turn of the century house was carried out sustainably, and with great sensitivity so that a contemporary use can take place.
A contemporary loft was created from 2 apartments or 12 individual rooms. Fundamental interventions in the statics were necessary for this, and load-bearing walls were undercut. The apartment was first completely gutted and then brought up to the state of the art in terms of structural engineering from the ground up. Breakthroughs and mergers were made. The basement was connected to the mezzanine through a complex ceiling opening. Historic preservation aspects were of the highest importance in this core renovation of the old building. In 18 months of construction, the rooms were completely refurbished in terms of thermal, acoustic, electrical, and fire protection systems. Now, on 270 square meters, THE STUDIO offers a holistic living atmosphere.

Our passion for the individual and our dedication to details make the difference. "Design Dreams in Perfection", under this motto, our team around Marcel Eberharter develops incomparable room concepts in contemporary shapes and lines. A clear design language with multinational influences, Austrian craftsmanship and attention to detail are lived here. We create inspiring solutions for private interiors, hotels & restaurants and accompany them with a holistic overall concept, so to speak, "from the green field" to completion. Sustainability, and realization of projects of any size, is our claim.

Other prizes
2022 - German Design Award "Haus am See" / Awarded 2022 - German Design Award "Restaurant Senn's" / Awarded 2022 - German Design Award "Restaurant Goldader" / Awarded 2022 - BLT Design Award "Haus am See" / Winner 2022 - BLT Design Award "Restaurant Senn's" / Honorable Mention 2022 - BLT Design Award "Restaurant Goldader" / Honorable Mention