Woodface Acoustic

  • Prize
    Winner in Construction Product Design - Wall & Isolation systems and materials
  • Company/Firm
    Depot Roel Vandebeek
  • Lead Designer
    Roel Vandebeek
  • Photographer Credit
    Outdoor Wood Concepts
  • Client
    Outdoor Wood Concepts
  • Project Date
    April 2023

Acoustic wall cladding as an architectural element.
Woodface Acoustic is a unique and high-performance indoor wall and ceiling cladding that consists out of only two materials: veneered panels combined with (recycled) PET felt strips. These are built transversely to the plate grooves, which offers enormous added value in terms of acoustics and ensures a unique look & feel. In fact, by varying the width and frequency of the felt stroke, men can determine the absorbency or desired sound dampening. In other words, the acoustician can apply his measurement results to zones that the architect can translate aesthetically with Woodface Acoustic.

In addition to this 'tailor-made' solution, the version of this system is also included as a building block of the building. It doesn't feel like separate elements created to improve acoustics, it's an integral part of the architecture.

By working with veneered sheet material as a base carrier, the felt strips in the cleared openings are easy to assemble and disassemble. The range includes 4 basic panels that can be combined wirelessly.
On the recycled PET felts that are ironed, by means of thermoforming, a profile is pressed into the felt.