SHK-1 Full Brim Safety Helmet

  • Prize
    Winner in Construction Product Design - Safety / Workers Gears
  • Company/Firm
    Studson Inc.
  • Lead Designer
    Ryan Barnes
  • Photographer Credit
    Cam Mcleoud
  • Location
    Lake Oswego, Oregon, United States
  • Client
  • Project Date
    June 5, 2023

The SHK-1 Full Brim safety helmet offers comprehensive head protection. It was launched in September of 2023 to deliver a familiar full-brim hard hat in an ultra-safe package.

The SHK-1 Full Brim safety helmet meets both ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2014 Type I and Type II Standards. Meaning it protects from all angles, not just the top, defending the wearer from the full arsenal of job site hazards. It’s designed with lightweight construction, an adjustable rear dial system, an integrated chin strap, and offers a secure and comfortable fit with a breathable design to minimize heat build-up while shading from the sun and redirecting rainfall away from the face and neck.

The helmet features Koroyd welded tubes that crumple instantly on impact to absorb maximum force to protect your skull and brain from direct and angled impacts, offering 48% more protection than standard EPS foam. This vital technology may reduce the risk of suffering a life-changing injury or life-threatening injury.

Built in, twICEme® technology utilizes a NFC chip that stores critical medical information and emergency contacts, giving first responders access to important information quickly.

Other prizes
Oregon Tech Awards 2023