• Prize
    Winner in Construction Product Design - Others construction products
  • Company/Firm
  • Lead Designer
    Jon Olsen
  • Photographer Credit
    Photos courtesy Vaask
  • Location
    Manufactured in Austin, Texas, United States
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Built to last, this touchless hand sanitizing fixture is an easy, cost-effective solution that significantly reduces germ transmission. The device features an app and online dashboard automatically alerting staff when it's time to refill, eliminating the time-consuming chore of checking each individual dispenser and also ensuring dispensers always stay filled.

This exclusive technology solves the most common problem with hand sanitizer, which, despite being more essential than ever before, is frequently ignored as studies have found nearly 80% of people report dispensers to be empty.

The fixture features:
- AC power or power-over-ethernet. (No batteries required.)
- Cast aluminum construction; 5-year warranty
- Options for custom colors, metals and graphics
- PalmPilot sensor that precisely detects hands
- Refillable with any gel, saving companies up to 65% on monthly sanitizer costs.
- Recessed, wall-mounted or freestanding options

The fixture helps sustainably minded companies achieve their goals of creating healthier public spaces, as its durable all-metal construction replaces the endless array of single-use plastic hand sanitizer bottles.

Inspired by the Norwegian word for “wash,” Vaask embodies today’s desire for a higher class of clean coupled with an emphasis on sophisticated design. The company is the work of the team behind Big Ass Fans’ Haiku®, the ceiling fan beloved by interior designers and architects that has won more than 75 design and technology awards.

Founded by Jon Olsen, Vaask redefines manufactured products for modern interiors. With a goal of designing and engineering enduring, endearing products, Vaask invests in real materials, develops customizable designs and guarantees their American-made craftsmanship.

Other prizes
- TIME Best Inventions - The Architect’s Newspaper Best of Product Awards - Interior Design HiP Awards - Interior Design Best of Year Awards - Boutique Design's 2021 and 2022 Best of BDNY Product Design Competition - Occupational Health & Safety New Product of the Year - Occupational Health & Safety Industrial Hygiene Awards - Green Product Awards - Healthcare Design 2022 and 2023 Product Innovation Awards - Healthcare Design Nightingale Awards - Healthcare Facilities Symposium and Expo's Symposium Distinction Awards - Most Sustainable Product and Architect’s Choice Product - Red Dot Design Award - FacilitiesNet Vision Awards - New Equipment Digest Innovation Awards - Global Gaming Business Gaming & Technology Awards - German Design Council’s ICONIC Award - European Product Design Award - German Design Awards - Work Design Next Work Environment Awards - International Furnishings and Design Association Selects - International Design Awards - Grands Prix du Design Awards - Product — Consumer Goods and Product + Aluminum - Rethinking the Future Architecture, Construction & Design Awards - Good Design Awards - Green Good Design Awards - Green World Awards - Sanitary Maintenance Distributor Choice Awards - Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards - A'Design Awards - Spark Design Award - International Interior Design Awards - Global Future Design Awards - World Design Awards