YHS 50 TU Storefront System

  • Prize
    Winner in Construction Product Design - Others construction products
  • Company/Firm
    YKK AP America, Inc.
  • Lead Designer
    YKK AP America, Inc.
  • Project Date
    February 2023

The thermally broken and pre-glazed YHS 50 TU storefront system is designed to meet the continued need for fast installation and high thermal performance, while withstanding today’s most demanding conditions.

The storefront system utilizes ThermaBond Plus® technology to greatly improve thermal performance, and it can handle 10-foot-tall spans at 70 psf with standard mullions or 12-foot-tall spans at 40 psf. It also offers a U-value of 0.41, with standard low-E glass, and can achieve higher thermal performance with advanced glazing.

In addition to improved thermal performance, the pre- and field-glazed system options give glazing contractors enhanced quality control, shorter time on the job site, and the ability to compete more effectively on larger jobs above the ground floor. The system is also rated to withstand extreme conditions like hurricane impact and blast mitigation, making it a preferred option for architects and designers.