REHAU Aspekt+™ 1800

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    Winner in Construction Product Design - Others construction products
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    REHAU Engineering Team
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Aspekt+ 1800 features a strength-enhancing sash in the company’s innovative glass-fiber reinforced PVC material. Aspekt+ 1800 is designed to meet stringent Passive House requirements while addressing the growing residential & commercial demand for larger windows. Aspekt+ 1800 out-swing casement window provides superior thermal, acoustic & structural performance, & can be built for up to 30% larger openings with long-lasting stability and torsional rigidity in a variety of colors.

Using an advanced material along with the company’s co-extruded triple-seal technology, Aspekt+ 1800 limits thermal conduction and ensures a tight frame-to-sash seal with a significantly reduced U-value down to 0.14. The Aspekt frame is built with the company’s proprietary North American PVC formulation using a sophisticated multi-chambered design. The new sash–comprising a UV-resistant PVC outer layer and a glass-fiber reinforced PVC inner core–enables Aspekt+ 1800 to outperform competitors. With 3 1/4 in, 3 3/8 & 3 1/2 in (83, 86 & 89 mm) frame depths and 1 11/16 in (43 mm) glazing capacity, the system is designed to achieve STC ratings up to 42 dB, OITC 34 and structural NAFS ratings up to CW-PG100.