Fuzhou Guancheng Datong Plaza-Yacht Club

  • Prize
    Winner in Landscape Architecture - Commercial Landscape
  • Company/Firm
    Wonderway Design
  • Lead Designer
    Wonderway Design
  • Photographer Credit
    Arch-Inbetween Studio, Zhao Yilong
  • Location
    Fuzhou, China
  • Client

Nestled beautifully on the scenic banks of the Minjiang River, lies a spectacular new international yacht club marina project that offers an exquisite blend of four major businesses including business office, yacht club, commercial and serviced apartments. The design of this stunning project is inspired by the river's flowing aesthetics and incorporates themes such as "encounter", "qualitative change", "rhythm" and "slow flow". The result is a breathtaking landmark in Fuzhou, which beautifully highlights the local landscape characteristics, shipbuilding, and Tulou culture. This magnificent structure establishes an alluring connection between the city, nature, and humanity, making it a must-visit spot for everyone who loves to admire the beauty of architecture.

The project boasts two primary edifices, each possessing distinct characteristics: one is lively and dynamic, while the other is stationary and unchanging. These structures are linked to the marina by way of a sleek, streamlined plaza situated at the heart of the project. The landscape design is based on a concept known as the "Liquid Landscape," which draws inspiration from the beauty of hydrodynamics.