The Polar Explorer playground in Murmansk

  • Prize
    Winner in Landscape Architecture - Playspace Landscape
  • Company/Firm
    Art. Lebedev Studio
  • Lead Designer
    Oleg Stukalov
  • Design Team
    Andrei Kisin, Tatiana Kochnova, Svetlana Kizilova, Varvara Grishina
  • Location
    Murmansk, Russia

The playground became not just an attractive spot for children, but also a new memorable landmark for the entire northern city. The general theme of the project is a visit of a curious polar bear to a polar station. The bear itself became a distinctive element of the playground's identity.

The complex comprises three main objects and additional play equipment. The first object is a command post consisting of a hearing pipe and an acoustic dish which children can use to talk to their friends on the ground.

The second object is a tower with a slide on which the bear is leaning. And the third one are special targets for playing snowballs. The playground is divided into areas according to the age of the visitors: there is a separate zone with sand and a smaller slide for the youngest of them.

The bear and most of the play equipment are made of treated logs which allows the playground to fit neatly into the natural environment. The polar night lasts almost a month and a half in Murmansk, so there is illumination even inside the objects.