The Marker-Hood: A Net Zero Community Fabrication Center

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Speculative and Visionary
  • University
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Mit)
  • Lead Designer
    Alexander Htet Kyaw
  • Photographer Credit
    Alexander Htet Kyaw
  • Location
    United States
  • Project Date

The Markerspace is a net zero community fabrication center that promotes creativity, innovation, and sustainability. The open-source fabrication facility is a hub for collaboration between community members, artists, and professionals by connecting fabrication workshops, classrooms, artist residences, galleries, libraries, and co-working offices in a neighborhood-like setting. Designed with a commitment to sustainability, the building operates as a net-zero structure. The Makerspace features a solar panel canopy that serves as a shading device and a thermal buffer contributing to enhanced comfort, improved energy efficiency, and dynamic lighting conditions. By utilizing environmental simulation and analysis, the design of the structure is validated and informed by net zero sustainability guidelines. The canopy’s undulation and the solar panels’ tilt angle are optimized for energy generation, daylight autonomy, and glare reduction tailored to the building’s lighting conditions and programmatic needs. The Markerspace leaves a positive impact on the environment and the community. It is a testament to how architecture can bring people together to make a sustainable future for all.