Diffusive Habitats

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Speculative and Visionary
  • University
    University College London
  • Lead Designer
    Sergio Mutis, Garyfallia Papoutsi, Eric Hughes, and Faizunsha IG
  • Design Team
    Living Architecture Lab, RC3, AD M.Arch.
  • Location
    Herme Hill Road, Brixton, London, UK (Case Study)
  • Project Date
  • Project Link

Diffusive Habitats is an autonomous adaptable architectural system, building upon the juncture of distributed robotics and artificial intelligence to reimagine the way we conceive and inhabit architecture. Through a digital platform engaged by a local community, the project implements a distributed ownership model, leveraging constant spatial reconfiguration to adapt to changing social, contextual, and environmental needs. Featuring a sophisticated algorithmic method for participative space planning, a bespoke reversible robotic & material kit of parts, and an additive deep reinforcement learning framework, Diffusive Habitats critically explores the idea of a living architectural system capable of self-assessment, organization, and improvement.

Diffusive Habitats was awarded the 2022 Bartlett AD Gold Medal and will feature in ACADIA 2023 within two separate research papers. Its bespoke reconfiguration system has been successfully tested in large scale experimentation, demonstrating a route towards integrating autonomy within the built environment.

Given its digitally native condition, it is recommended to examine the project via mp4 documentation: https://vimeo.com/744241718