Su Jin

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - New Concepts
  • University
    Savannah College of Art and Design
  • Lead Designer
    Jin Kim, Emma Shaerf and Sydnie Steenstra
  • Location
    Seoul, South Korea
  • Project Date

Inspired by the three pillars of Biomimicry: Form, Process, and Ecosystem, Su Jin was designed to not only challenge the status quo of fine dining, but to redefine the industry. The restaurant strives to shift paradigms by reconnecting users to the source of their food.
From the central courtyard resembling the flower’s anatomy to the organization of rooms blooming from it, the Mugunghwa flower influenced many of the physical forms within the restaurant.
The Hanok style, a traditional Korean building process with a low ecological footprint, was utilized to create an envelope to host the sustainability-focused interior. Hempcrete has been implemented to further mitigate emissions after construction.
Great design facilitates sustainable life-style habits and Su Jin provides opportunities to solidify them. The biodiversity lab helps rehabilitate organisms into the local ecosystem and Yoo Market provides users the necessary resources to implement regenerative cooking practices into their daily routines.
A paradigm shift is inevitable when changing the perspective from learning about nature to learning from nature. Su Jin simply facilitates this transition with great food and design.