• Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - SPA / Fitness / Wellness
  • University
    School of Visual Arts
  • Lead Designer
    Hsiang-Ting Huang

Ripple is a sound healing center designed to encourage relaxation and promote healing through exposure to white noise. Through sound bathing, guests will be more likely to improve their mood and release stress and tension in their bodies.
On average, people in large urban cities experience stress from over sensory stimuli. Cities are often rife with environmental pollutants such as loud noise and bright light that adversely affect human wellbeing. More and more, a place to relax, destress, and recover one's mental and physical wellness is needed.

The existing brick walls end at right angles, and both the material and termination of the walls give the spatial feeling of stiffness and rigidity.
To soften the exterior form and the interior space, I addressed the problem by taking away existing brick at the west facade and replaced it with curvilinear, translucent polycarbonate material. These curvilinear forms serve as the core aspect of my design and ground my parti.
The curves represent not only the sound ripple, but also the amplification of sound– the interior is representational of the sound itself, and the exterior is representational of the sound amplification.