A WALK WITH T: A Journey Of Connection And Reflection

  • Prize
    Winner in Landscape Architecture - Public Landscape
  • University
    University of Greenwich
  • Lead Designer
    Xi Gong
  • Location
  • Project Date
    2023 May

"A Walk with T: A Journey of Connection and Reflection" encapsulates my landscape architecture approach, prioritising human experiences, community engagement, and respectful site response. This project's unique aspect is its human-centred, integrative design that promotes connectivity and reflective spaces.

Extensive research, encompassing historical, cultural, and physical contexts, guided the project development, with Tidemill Garden’s story serving as a primary inspiration.

The design drew inspiration from the interplay of human connections and the environment, introducing elements such as strategically placed plants and signs to navigate users through the journey.

My expertise in communication, social interaction, and well-being in public spaces, along with technical skills in software like Rhino, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, significantly influenced the project's design approach. The outcome was a balanced blend of aesthetics, functionality and emotional resonance, underscoring the transformative power of historical narratives and the significant role of landscape architecture in society.