GDCEG Innovation Tower

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Skyscraper
  • Company/Firm
    Architectural Design & Research Inst. Of SCUT, Jianxin Rongfu Co.,Ltd, Jianke Architecture
  • Lead Designer
    He Jingtang
  • Design Team
    Huang Jun, Cai Yiyang, Yu Binhao, Huang Yi; Liao Qiuhua, Wu Zhaoze,Guo Junjie, Li Zhenhua
  • Location
    Guangzhou, China
  • Client
    Guangdong Jianxin Co.,Ltd, Liao Qiuhua, Wu Zhaoze, Ling Ruifang, Huang Jiandong, Dong Jianjie

GDCEG Innovation Tower is a multi-functional building complex integrating corporate headquarters, offices, corporate villas, neighborhood centers, public facilities and businesses. It is composed of a 248-meter-high tower and a 40-meter-high commercial podium. The design adopts the concept of "three-dimensional ecology" and "vertical life", and sets four courtyards from top to bottom: "sky garden","view garden","canyon park" and "mountain park", creating a three-dimensional ecological green building. The design revolves around four three-dimensional courtyards through rational vertical zoning and spatial layout to set different functions. Around the sky garden, we will arrange business villas and neighborhood centers to build friendly communities. Set up the headquarters office in combination with the viewing courtyard to create a comfortable and green office environment. Between the tower and the podium, a "canyon park" is set up, with public service facilities and businesses on both sides, and a "mountain park" is set up inside the business to enrich the architectural space experience and activate the commercial atmosphere.