Shenzhen Microlight Headquarters

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Skyscraper
  • Company/Firm
    Non-standard architecture
  • Lead Designer
    Jinsong Zhao
  • Design Team
    Ren Ke, Lin Yanan, Xue Teng
  • Project Link

This is a super headquarters for small and micro enterprises, a skyscraper filled with tiny spaces. Through the core tube suspension structure, the entire building resembles a large tree trunk, and the office space is made into boxes or pipes, allowing them to hang directly on the tree trunk like branches. The pipes seem to be interwoven with each other, but in reality, they are constantly adjusting their direction to the cross-section of the building shell. The adjusted pipe gap creates shared spaces with different angles, which together with the platform on the pipe form an open office system. The entire building forms a vertical commercial street for enterprise display through multiple square boxes displaying micro spaces in a vertical system. These connected low light boxes have their own independent transportation system, and each box is a three-dimensional advertisement. Every person entering here can see all the enterprise dynamics. Each micro space can be recreated according to the personality of the enterprises settled in the future, and it itself confuses the perspective, and the complex space like a kaleidoscope balances the unpredictable personality space wonderfully.