Taste Museum

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - Exhibition / Gallery
  • Company/Firm
    Diameter Narrative Design
  • Lead Designer
    Diameter Narrative Design
  • Photographer Credit
    Diameter Narrative Design
  • Location
    Tiexi District, Shenyang
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Taste Museum is located in Hongmei Cultural and Creative Park, Tiexi District, Shenyang. This Park is transformed from the old Hongmei Monosodium Glutamate factory. The museum is connected to the gate of factory, which is the first stop of the Cultural and Creative Park. In terms of the curatorial theme, Diameter Narrative Design has established the topic spanning from "Hongmei" to "MSG", and "MSG" to "Taste". The studio creatively interprets "Taste" from science, civilization and art, corresponding to the three exhibition halls of"Taste Lab", "Taste Road" and "Taste Art Gallery" respectively. Using different narrative angles, design experiences and artistic expressions, we break through the usual impression about “taste” of audience.Taste is an individual memory, but behind it may be great changes of the whole era, which represents the social history variation. We put taste as a kind of medium language, which manifest the humanistic history of the world, and allow the audience to experience to achieve emotional as well as artistic appreciation. Through extending the narrative dimension of "taste", people will comprehend that taste is an interesting and meaningful factor.

Diameter Narrative Design (DND) specializes in cultural studies and design practice. Rooted in the study and construction of cultural spaces in the context of Chinese urbanization, DND closely observes the evolution of cultural spaces taking place globally, exploring their significance and potential for sustainability. DIA’s practice involves curation, design, and operational strategy consultancy for cultural institutions such as museums and galleries, as well as constructing spatial narratives in the field of urban planning.