• Prize
    Honorable Mention in Interior Design / Commercial
  • Company/Firm
    Oft Interiors Ltd.
  • Lead Designer
    CM Jao & Ken Cheung
  • Design Team
    Shanny Cheung, Tammy Au
  • Architect
    Oft Interiors Ltd.
  • Interior Designer
    CM Jao,Ken Cheung, Shanny Cheung, Tammy Au
  • Const. Company
    Parks Decoration & Engineering Ltd.
  • Location
    100 Cyberport Rd, Telegraph Bay, Hong Kong
  • Project Date

A cinema is like a dimension door to the virtual world. How to blur the boundary between reality and virtual is the key point to consider in the design of cinema space.
Oft Interiors specializes in combining business thinking and visual culture, and is dedicated to creating "scene-based consumption experiences" for commercial spaces.
The theme of the design is "Microcosm in the Magnifying Glass". Through imagining about the three-dimensional city in two dimensions,the designers deconstructs the pixels of different sizes and reshapes the space inside the screen in a new scale.
Through this project, the designers hopes to bring a different consumer experience to young audiences, attracting more consumer groups from different circles while allowing consumers to explore the relationship between the city and individuals, virtual and real, and even flat and three dimensions from an unfamiliar perspective.