Ningbo Bauhinia Business Center

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Interior Design / Workplace / Office
  • Company/Firm
  • Lead Designer
    Andy Leung
  • Project Date

The project is located in Ningbo, a city that was the starting point of the ancient Maritime Silk Road and is still one of the most important port cities in China.The design inspiration comes from the container terminal. By combining container elements, colors and geometric figures in an orderly manner, an industrial-style business center is constructed.Taking the container as a box, each individual space is stacked and reassembled and redistributed through the whole space to form different open areas and structure. At the same time, different containers interpret different colors, like the high saturation of building blocks and the color composition of large blocks. Combined with the interspersed blocks, they together form an industrialized, modernist aesthetic with a sense of "order".The combination of line and surface is another design focus of this project. The lines are the characteristics of the container itself, and the industrial die-cast corrugated metal panels have a natural texture.The work uses this material as an important design element. Thick metal collides with bright colors, and the deconstructed space is paired with a well-organized order.