Palimpsesto Project

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Architectural Design / Urban planning: large integrated projects
  • Company/Firm
    Eduardo Miguel González Fraile
  • Lead Designer
    Eduardo Miguel González Fraile
  • Design Team
    Raquel Hurtado García
  • Architect
    Eduardo Miguel González Fraile
  • Location
    Valladolid, Spain

On the grounds occupied by Valladolid Station and RENFE General Repair workshops, there is an impressive heritage of industrial units from the 19th and 20th centuries. Its transfer will demolish 90% of the built area, when 100% has equity value and is in good condition and use. The fact that a very important amount of money is needed to obtain the transfer of these lands and buildings to the Valladolid City Council has led to the approval of a conventional general plan to try to make such a profit. What is advocated here is that all the objectives are best met if urban planning is adapted to the cultural and architectural project that is intended.
A city of Culture has been designed with multiple uses and vitality, using the concepts contained in the Palimpsesto. The old buildings and towers, spun by an air city, are preserved, fulfill the activities of an urban complex, with greater impact: design, leisure, etc., including economic.
The main idea is to endorse the communion between planning and project practice, especially when there are objectives that cannot be at the mercy of the conventional market and that are best achieved with project-specific tools: design, public space...

Architecture studio that combines architecture, research and innovation. Director of the Research Group University of Valladolid Patrimonia (Heritage of art, Architecture, Science, Technique, Engineering and History), from June 2005 to the present day. Recognized in 2007 as a research group of excellence of Castilla y León, registrationGR74. Specialist in Industrial Architecture and Architectural Restoration, with numerous researches and awards obtained in relation to Theory and Architectural Projects.