Staff Canteen

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Interior Design / Public Building
  • Company/Firm
  • Lead Designer
    Muchuan Xu, Minxi Cai, Qicai Lu, Lanting Li
  • Design Team
    Zhongning Zhang, Guangbao Ye, Honglei Song
  • Interior Designer
  • Location
    Jinan, Shandong Province, China
  • Project Date
    1st Octorber, 2020

Area:418 square meters
The project is located in the lush area of Lixia District, Jinan, which has always been a central business district. Among them, the staff canteen will serve as the "business card of staff catering culture" in this area, providing users with dining, negotiation and other functional requirements.

Retro has always been popular. Designers continue the impression of the 20th century left to the world with eternal elegance and elegant simplicity. Green, blue, yellow, these classic colors, covered with a layer representing the unknown “gray”, the visual experience is softer. Solid wood, metal mesh, mirror steel and other materials are used for streamlined functional block. Customized seat combination, in line with the ergonomic shape and leather upholstery material, to maximize the comfort of the experience.

The difficulty of this design lies in the need to explore the space elements of the staff canteen, and implant the design from the line of sight and streamline.