• Prize
    Honorable Mention in Interior Design / Residential
  • Company/Firm
    Moi Interior Design
  • Lead Designer
    Frank Lo Tsz Chung
  • Interior Designer
    Frank Lo Tsz Chung
  • Const. Company
    Moi Interior Design
  • Location
    Hong Kong
  • Project Date
    Jan 2020

The relationship between the monotone (black, white, grey) and the vertical lines. It is a subtle way to divide a huge area into different levels and layers. The variation of the materials is not luxurious and complicated. But they will not make space have an empty or dull feeling. Distinguish the living room and the dining room perfectly.

There has a kitchen door in military green to increase eye-catching. The upper part of the door in black color which is connected to the black part above the feature wall, makes the whole space feel more coherent.

The master bedroom adopts a comfortable and contemporary design. The lighting is relatively not too bright, and the spotlights on both sides enhance the atmosphere.

The headboard is a full-height design with a combination of light wood veneer in the middle and the black wood veneer on both two sides, making the area more stylish.

Because there is no wardrobe in the master bedroom, so it is 100% use for the entire space as a relaxing and resting place. It is obvious to show what lifestyle that the client pursuit.

Frank Lo is the founder, creative director of MOI Interior Design Ltd., a certified professional member of the Hong Kong Professional Interior Designer Association (HKPIDA), a senior member of China Building Decoration Association(CBDA), China(HK) Interior Design 40UNDER40. Frank is active in conferences and has been invited as a keynote speaker throughout China. Prior to starting MOI, Frank was the team leader of a well-known architecture rendering film in Hong Kong for almost 10 years. He liaises and handles portfolios of major HK developers and worldwide architectural firms.

Other prizes
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