MT Apartment

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Interior Design / Apartment
  • Company/Firm
  • Lead Designer
    Mayer Hasbani
  • Design Team
    Oliver Burgos, Paola López Solís & Brenda Colin.
  • Architect
  • Interior Designer
    Mayer Hasbani
  • Const. Company
  • Location
    Mexico City
  • Project Date

MT is an apartment located in Mexico City, with predominant earth colors where a long marble corridor unfolds towards the vanishing point on the horizon to give visitors access. The golden veins of the marble floor play harmoniously with the wooden ceiling in the ceiling, which lodges a careful interplay of direct and indirect lighting.

As you walk down the hall to the next spatial threshold, two sculptural black granite panels act as a screen to open onto the public areas of the house: the living room, the dining room, the cellar, and a more private office space in the background. The private area of the apartment brings together two rooms for children, a game room with a terrace, the family room and the main room that refers to a feeling of a boutique hotel. Inside the private space that contains a powerful view of the trees, a sculptural tub integrated into the main room contrasts between the dry and humid spaces creating an interesting dichotomy of sensations.

The MT apartment is lived as a showroom that, although it looks polished and harmonious, does not cease to amaze with small details that reveal an interwoven architectural game.

MAYER HASBANI was established in the year 2000 in Mexico City, with the mission of becoming the Mexican architecture office with the highest level of expertise in the market. 20 years and a range of over 40 architectural works after, meets its objectives facing a thriving, developed city with huge ambitions. Today the architecture office is an international design firm adopting all the needs and particularities of the global and competitive market in its projects to create truly contemporary work design for today that keeps tomorrow in mind.

Other prizes
Architecture MasterPrize 2020 - Adamant Puebla I - Winner Architecture MasterPrize 2020 - PH Tamarindos - Honorable Mention Mexico Design Week Utopia 2020 - Antonio Caso - Finalist Noldi Schreck 2020 - Mediateca Digital Colegio Monte Sinaí - Honorable Mention TITAN Property Award 2021 - Adamant Tijuana - Winner TITAN Property Award 2021 - Adamant Mérida - Winner Premios Prisma 2021 - Mediateca Digital Colegio Monte Sinaí - Winner DNA Paris 2021 - OD Study Center - Winner LIV Hospitality Design Award 2020 - Haixa - Honorable Mention