The timeless trajectory

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Interior Design / Residential
  • Company/Firm
    To Design Co., Ltd.
  • Lead Designer
    Chih-Chieh Liu
  • Interior Designer
    Chih-Chieh Liu
  • Location
    Sanchong District, New Taipei City
  • Project Date

“Among all nature gifts, time is the most precious.” A good design should embrace the trajectory of time and the lifestyle and trace of its user. The owner of the house is in his early 20s and values friendship, social connections, and a metropolis lifestyle. Within 65 m² of space, the house is divided into two parts. A low-key luxurious public area and a serene private area to keep the privacy of the owner. The public space is to serve the owner's metropolis lifestyle with low-key luxuriance. The heart of the area is an elongated island function as a lounge, a dining table, and a kitchen island bar. The living room and kitchen are centered by the island that conjoined the spaces to an open club scenario where the house owner and his guests can comfortably interact through space. The focus of the project is to balance between low-key luxuriance and a sense of serenity of residence space.