Nada Clinic

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Interior Design / SPA / Fitness / Wellness
  • Company/Firm
    Inside Plus Pvt. Ltd.
  • Lead Designer
    Thazeen Shareef
  • Architect
    Inside Plus Pvt. Ltd.
  • Interior Designer
    Thazeen Shareef
  • Location
    Male', Maldives
  • Project Date

Nada Clinic represents the future of the aesthetics and cosmetology industry. As such, the highlight of the Clinic is its use of high-end technology, and the importance of the clients - and is reflected in the design scope. Thus, we have utilised our specialty tactics: creating a memorable experience for the space-occupier, by engaging all their senses using meticulously curated features of the interior. The soft, curved theme emphasises the overall sensual experience.
The cornerspace building provides a foundation for this, and is used as a vantage point for when the clients enter the space. The architecture's flow smoothly leads people throughout the space. In order to emphasise on how special their clients are, the reception area mimics a stage; physically elevating clients to highlight their significance.
The surfaces feature contrasting materials such as metal and lush velvety fabrics. This pairs with the soft comforting lighting, maximised by mirrors. The textures involved have been conscientiously picked with the intention of fascinating the tactile senses, while the refreshment cart serving delicacies allows the visitor to indulge their olfactory and gustatory senses.

At Inside Plus, we specialise in interior design and architectural finesse. We believe in continuously striving to push the boundaries of design, thereby setting the industry standard. We don’t just design the space; we design experiences.