Festival Condos Amenities

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Interior Design / New Concepts
  • Company/Firm
    Cecconi Simone Inc.
  • Lead Designer
    Anna Simone
  • Design Team
    Pauline Ayoub, Sam Khadra, Daria Mareeva
  • Interior Designer
    Cecconi Simone Inc.
  • Location
    Vaughan, Ontario
  • Project Date
    Not Completed

These condos 20,000 sf of amenities were designed to establish a four-seasons lifestyle and blur the lines between interior/exterior. The amenities are not cordoned off into a separate part of the complex, rather, from the moment you step into the lobby of the future four-tower site you become part of the lifestyle experience. Most of the spaces remain open and visible, unique pods designed to feel welcoming rather than isolating. Walking through will feel like strolling along a retail strip, watching the people ebb and flow, no matter what time of year it is. The focus of the public spaces is a linear indoor park. It’s lined with a coffee shop, playground, and a grand pavilion designed with gentle curves and cascading wood seating. There are gathering spaces and greenery which help bring the feeling of outside in. Other amenities include music/arts studios, theatre, dog area and pool. Most remain accessible for view, adding to the sense of energy. The design choices used throughout have a shared sense of materiality connecting each space; they are just at home outside as in, including wood, metal and stone. The furniture and lighting, meanwhile, differentiate and define each pod.