Balancing Life and Self-Identity with Design

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Interior Design / Residential
  • Company/Firm
    Mojo Design Studio
  • Lead Designer
    Ya Han Chang
  • Location
    Zhubei City, Taiwan
  • Project Date

A Design That Strikes a Balance Between Life Changes and Self-Identity. When the rough, trendy style meets with a family of three’s warm life, we strike a balance between the adults’ taste and childlike playfulness with simple lines and compelling materials to show tension, forming a new lifestyle for the owners while preserving their personalities. After a child’s birth, young couples often struggle with changes in life and living space. They have to put what kids need before their own preferences and spatial requirements. Our design helps the couple simplify problems, reduce friction, and leads to a harmonious family life.
We aim to create circular flows by making the infinity-symbol-like moving lines that flexibly divide and make full use of living spaces. Sunlight and airflow increase while accentuating the interaction between family life and home space, allowing maximum freedom for using spaces. A diagonal wall integrates the bathroom and staircase’s corner space, creating a storage room. It also forms a gradually narrowing hallway; the broad end enlarges visual space as the narrow end brings a sense of privacy. The sofa is embraced by the added depth of the living room.