SUNAC Wuhan Courtyard

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Interior Design / Residential
  • Company/Firm
  • Lead Designer
    Sara Xiong
  • Design Team
    Zejin Wang, Lin Hou, Miaojuan Liu
  • Interior Designer
    Sara Xiong, Zejin Wang, Lin Hou, Miaojuan Liu
  • Location
    Wuhan City, China
  • Project Date

This project was designed by Ms. Sara Xiong, the founder of HUOMO DESIGN, a native of Hubei, in May 2020. She injects new thinking on the urban lifestyle in the post-epidemic era into the project, and uses emotion, art and details to forge a life field for self-placement.
And Wuhan, which experienced the most severe war epidemic of the new crown epidemic in early 2020, has once again let the world see its blood, kindness and tenacity.
Adults who have lived at home for several months after the epidemic need to return to their hearts and explore what they have longed for but have not been for. The designer renewed his thoughts on this aspect in the soft decoration design of this project, hoping to create a secret garden that can carry personality and place the soul in the home environment.
In order to maximize the visual effect of the river view, the Wuhan Heyuan project uses a modern and simple architectural design such as a transparent glass box. The first floor is about 6 meters, and the basement is 5.2 meters high. It is hoped that sufficient floor height can provide the possibility of flexible expansion of the space.

Founded in 2013, Shenzhen HUA MO International Design Co., Ltd. provides professional services for real estate and hotel investors in interior design and art furnishings. Design scope of the company covers boutique hotels, clubs, sales centers, high-end restaurants, real estate mock-up rooms, villas, grade A offices, etc.
Insisting on the design philosophy of "Returning to Timeless Space Aesthetics", Hua Mo International pursuits originality as a trend leader instead of a follower.