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    Honorable Mention in Interior Design / Residential
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    New Taipei City, Taiwan
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For this project, there is no pillar in the nearly 200 square-meters room, and the structure relies on thick beams like a spider web structure to carry the entire space. Without the constraints of the pillars, it seems that we can divide the space willingly. On the contrary, we must think more carefully about the response of the space and the ceiling, and reduce the pressure caused by the beams through the design.
The protagonist in the space is the homeowner’s favorite open kitchen. In addition to being located in the center of the main visual facade, it is also equipped with working area and independent air conditioning. The design of folding doors and horizontal sliding windows can be adapted to the needs of the user. The change seems to transparently cover the kitchen into an independent individual. In addition of being open, the outward facade can also be used as a bar counter to gather with friends and enjoy.
In addition,the space has the rare advantage of lighting on three sides.By moderately releasing part of the wall,we changed it to translucent glass.It draws light into the room,preserving the most precious light and shadow stories in the space.

The meaning of the name "ANCÈ INTERIOR DESIGN" in Chinese is two large containers filled with imagination of space. We are good at manipulating the texture of the space. The warm and comfortable tones are the base of the room, the composition of the linear body is our brush, and the organic sense is the embellishment we give to the space. We hope that every space can be so unique.

Other prizes
2021 Taiwan Golden Pin Design Award - Residential Design “Selected” 2021 American Muse Design Awards - Residential Design “Gold Award” 2021 American Muse Design Awards - Office Design “Gold Award” 2021 Singapore Design Excellence Awards - Best Residential Design / Apartment ?2001 square feet “selected” 2021 Swiss Architecture Design Awards - Interior Residential “Honorable Mention” 2021 DRIVENxDESIGN AWARDS / England London Design Awards -Large International Residential “Silver Award”