The Seven Daughters

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Architectural Design / Cultural
  • Company/Firm
  • Lead Designer
    Kas Oosterhuis
  • Design Team
    Ilona Lénárd, Hend Gamal, Yamamah Alsalloum, Yassmin Alkhasawneh
  • Architect
  • Interior Designer
  • Const. Company
  • Location
    Lusail, Doha, Qatar
  • Project Date
    In consideration by Supreme Committee for Delivery & Heritage, and Qatar Museums
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The Seven Daughters
The most remarkable constellation that can be seen in the spring’s sky and in all seasons is the constellation Ursa Major or what is known as 'Big Dipper', while Arabs called it in the Middle Ages The Seven Daughters of Nasha.
Legend has it that The Seven Daughters of Nasha started when Suhail killed Naash, who had seven daughters and were in grief after their father murder and swore not to bury their father's corpse till they avenge his death, they never lost the spirit to chase their goal or felt fed up with the journey. This is the essence of the current feminist cause that the Seven Daughters Sculpture is trying to capture.
Qatar leadership promotes the role of Qatari women and motivates them to participate in public lifem which led to the rise of many powerful women such as H.H. Sheikha Mozah, Sheikha Ghalia Al-Thani, Sheikha Al-Mayassa.
The 120m high Seven Daughters sculpture is accessible to the public that to experience today’s version of the parable of the Seven Daughters. Every single node presents and displays one important sector in Qatar and reflects the growth of each sector along with the role of women in each one.

The Innovation Studio ONL, founded by architect Kas Oosterhuis and visual artist Ilona Lénárd in 1989, fuses art and architecture on a digital platform. Parametric design is directly communicated to the CNC driven robotic production machines. Award winning projects are Salt Water Pavilion at Neeltje Jans, Web of North-Holland aka the iWEB, A2 Cockpit in Utrecht, Bálna Cultural Center in Budapest, Climbing Wall in Amsterdam, and built innovative Liwa tower in Abu Dhabi. Oosterhuis is emeritus prof TU Delft[2000-2016], together they lived, worked, exhibited and lectured Doha, Qatar [2017-2019].

Other prizes
Waste Transfer Station | Business Week award, BNA / OCÉ award for Industrial Architecture, Salt Water Pavilion | Mies van der Rohe Award [nomination] Web of North-Holland | National Steel Prize A2 Cockpit | National Steel Prize Climbing Wall | Wood Innovation Prize Bálna Budapest | Autodesk Revit BIM Experience Award