Fort Worth Stockyards Horse & Mule Barns

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Architectural Design / Commercial
  • Company/Firm
    Bennett Partners
  • Lead Designer
    Samantha Garbarino, RIBA
  • Design Team
    Michael Bennett, AIA
  • Architect
    Bennett Partners
  • Location
    Fort Worth, Texas

The overall project goal was to achieve a balance between the Barns original use and the architects of the period design for that use, as well as the requirements for its future life as a multi-use development housing people rather than equines. We were able to successfully restore many of the buildings’ original exterior elements and fenestrations that had been either altered, removed, replaced, or decayed from neglect, such as the two front entry towers and connecting roof. The integration of the new openings and elements were designed to complement the existing structures and blend into the fabric of the barns. Exceptional care was given to this project to be as authentic as possible with materials and methods within the areas of restoration.