• Prize
    Honorable Mention in Interior Design / Exhibition / Gallery
  • Lead Designer
    Clinton Cuddington & Piers Cunnington
  • Design Team
    Hannah Newton, Dana Salama, Matt Kijewski, Patrick Gonzales, Sam Dunner, Lewis Canning
  • Architect
    Measured Architecture Inc.
  • Const. Company
    Powers Construction (Builders) & Unbuilders (materials)
  • Photo Credit
    Ema Peter
  • Location
    Inter Design Show Vancouver, BC
  • Project Date
  • Project Link

Restock, the name for IDS Vancouver 2019’s central bar, was an examination of a standard, dismantled single-family home and its environmental footprint. Inspired by the theme of the show, “Design DNA”, the architects considered the building blocks of construction. By using old-growth lumber, Tyvek, building paper and vapour barriers to build Restock — materials that constitute a home on a typical 33’ x 122’ Vancouver lot — the team sought to radically rethink & represent residential demolition.
Inspired by this, the team designed a barcode system for the bar to catalogue the different ways building materials are salvaged.
The aim of the team was to disrupt unsustainable demolition practices through a commitment to considered, environmentally focused approaches. All materials were designed to be repurposed at the end of the show, calling for no drill holes or cuts, with each piece connected instead through clips or straps.
Restock is a catalyst for change: an honest representation of salvage materials, and a use that promotes awareness and positive decision-making in the construction industry. True to its zero-waste design, at the end of the show, no materials headed to a landfill.