Be Classic

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Interior Design / Apartment
  • Company/Firm
    Aja Architects Associates
  • Lead Designer
    Chang Ming Hu

After three years of the covid-19, the couple, who had been living abroad for a long time, changed their lifestyle to focus more on the spatial scale and functional integrity of the home. In terms of material selection, the couple is particularly fond of the flexible application of natural stone in the space.

The combination of excellent lighting, varied natural stone and highly crafted classic furnishings, along with the spacious layout and sightlines, makes it feel like you are in a gallery.

The TV wall is made of luxury Brazilian granite, with a luster that looks like a green gemstone and a gesture that resembles a green tree, which, when combined with the night view, resembles a natural green starry sky.

The dining table is selected from Italian Baxter thin marble table, with large yellow crystalline veins, metal cylinder legs and craft pendant lamps to create a luxurious atmosphere.

The back wall of the bedroom has a natural blue luster, just like the sky and the ocean.

The main bathroom is made of quartz tiles imported from Spain with a rich golden color, which echoes with jade countertops and titanium-plated hardware.