• Prize
    Jury's Favorite in Project Management - Drawing, 3 D, site layout, Floor plan, and Architectural software
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  • Lead Designer
    Fan Wu and Hao Meng
  • Design Team
    Photo credit: Fan Wu and Hao Meng, 2020.
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The Pellet-X architectural 3D printer is compatible with most six-axis industrial robots and allows flexible printing of large building components. Data from building plans can be imported directly into the control platform and implemented efficiently and accurately.

The device has a strong adaptability of a wide range of printing materials. With common plastic pellets as printing material, the cost will be reduced by 75% compared to wire printing. The main printing material of PELLET-X is PETG. It also supports the printing of a variety of mainstream materials and their modified products, such as high-temperature resistance, fiber reinforcement, toughness enhancement and other modifications to PLA, PETG, PC, TPU, nylon and other materials. In addition, smart 3D printing devices can extrude thermoplastic materials with melt temperatures below 400°C, which can be recycled and reused.

RoboticPlus.AI is China's leading architectural technology company focusing on delivering intelligent robotic products and applications in construction industry. The company employs talents from multi-disciplines including architects, mechanists, computer scientists, and robotic engineers, and views diversity as a key to their success. The robotic control software which the company originally invented employs cutting-edge AI, bridging the gap between building information model and robotic motion planning.