Cross Weather Windows Super 8

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    Jury's Favorite in Construction Product - Others construction products
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    Litiiger Co., Ltd.
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Cross Weather is dedicated to creating better windows which are made to protect every household, crossing the boundaries of problematic factors caused by weather. With 10 innovative patents and care, Cross Weather protects its customers’ homes from wind, rain, sun, and noise. Through research and development, the company is also devoted to helping customers pursue a sustainable life. Its products are created with technologies that take sustainability, nature and energy efficiency into consideration.

Cross Weather’s products are invented to be customized based on everyone’s different living environment and daily needs. Various types of window frames and seals can be chosen to create more than a hundred combinations with multiple functions. Besides multiple ways of window openings, soundproof and leak proof features, the products’ common main features are the drainage system and indoor disassembly. Even with the most basic type of the Cross Weather products, the airtight window includes opening options such as sliding, side-, button- or top-hung, to ensure the best life quality in Taiwan with sophisticated techniques.