• Prize
    Jury's Favorite in Construction Product - Electrical & Lighting Systems and products
  • Company/Firm
  • Lead Designer
    Alexander Vorontsov
  • Design Team
    Evgeny Schegolev
  • Location
    Moscow, Russia
  • Project Date

Minimalistic lighting system developed by CENTRSVET. It is notable for its ultra compact dimensions and allows to fully illuminate any space.

A slim line of the surface-mounted track has calibrated dimensions. Compact 11 by 17 mm dimensions. It can be used on ceilings, walls and in inner corners. It allows to create an accent in the space, highlight a zone and create a lighting effect.

The products range includes luminaires with diffused, directional and reflected light. Decorative surface-mounted and pendant models. They allow to customize and bring your own style to the space.

Coupling and corner elements allow to design a system of any length and form. The track can be cut off anywhere. Special recess prevents the track from cracking in operation. Other manufacturers do not offer this feature. Available in increments of 2.5 meters.

48V power is supplied to the track, which makes it absolutely safe even if you touch the feeding path. Luminaires are installed into the track with some effort and are securely fixed in it, nevertheless, it is easy to remove and reposition them.