• Prize
    Jury's Favorite in Interior Design - Commercial
  • Company/Firm
    Bluemoon Design
  • Lead Designer
    Kelly Lin
  • Design Team
    Zeyan Chen; Bing Zhou; Huijie Weng; Meijie Rong

The project is located in the business center of Gangwu District, Xi'an Province with a long history of more than 3,000 years and serving as the starting point of Silk Road.
The designers work to break the classic symbols of Xi'an by deconstructing the order to express lively personality and infinite creativity. By thinking out of the box, the designers abstract warm lines from strong elements and create specific humanistic design, enabling multiple forms integrate with the local spirits.
Retrospecting the memory of the city, the designers combine the specific life scene with traditional culture, in an effort to deliver a new type of aesthetic with personality and humanity. Rather than a methodology, the designers hold an opinion that destruction is a metaphor of irregular art.
The designers present the avant-garde spirit with modern destructive ways. By combining the analysis of historical culture and the deconstruction of future scene, the designer endeavour to realize the harmony between three-dimensional structure and imagination.