design with FRANK software

  • Prize
    Jury's Favorite in Project Management - Drawing, 3 D, site layout, Floor plan, and Architectural software
  • Company/Firm
    Design With Frank
  • Lead Designer
    Chloe Fan
  • Design Team
    Gabriel Munnich
  • Project Date
    November 30,2022
  • Project Link

FRANK is a smart home design software with real building materials and furniture databases. FRANK empowers people to design dream homes and shop for all the products they need to realize their projects. We make designing in 3D as easy as dragging and dropping in Figma. Our app keeps track of quantities and costs in real time all in the web browser.

FRANK is merging design and materials sourcing in one place.

Frank is revolutionizing design software.

Early CAD software allowed users to draw individual lines and connect them. With many lines, a designer can draw a building. This is how current CAD software work.

30 years ago BIM emerged as a new design paradigm in which designers could connect building components and quantify them

FRANK allows designers to manipulate rooms, our A.I embed the architectural knowledge required to connect and model rooms based on their location. We make designing a floor plan 100 times faster than any tools available.

FRANK puts powerful design tools in the hands of ordinary people and believes that good house design shouldn’t have to be a luxury. FRANK reimagines architectural service and aspires to serve massive consumer design needs.

Yaoyi Fan is the CEO of design with FRANK, practice that she co-founded and developed since 2021
Chloe Fan is the CEO of Design with FRANK. Cooper Union ARCH. She achieved the highest academic honor by receiving Toni & David Yarnell award for excellence in architecture. Her thesis work was also exhibited worldwide and published in Wallpaper* magazine.
Her work was exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 2018. She has participated in large museum projects, including the Grand Canal Museum and the Museum of the Treasure of San Gennaro in Naples.

Other prizes
• Fast Company Design by Innovation Awards 2022 - Home | Honorable mentioned • “Eyes of the City” Shenzhen Architecture and Urbanism Biennale, Shenzhen, China, December 2019 • “Architecture and Film Symposium”, A&M Texas University, Texas, United States, March 2019 • “ArchiPrix” International Architecture Exhibition, Santiago University, Santiago, Chile, November 2018 • “2018 Graduate Directory”, Wallpaper*, London, UK, August 2018 • “Archive and Artifact: The virtual and the Physical” Haughton Gallery, Cooper Union, New York, United States, August 2018 • “ Towards a concrete Utopia ”Exhibition, Museum of Modern Art, New York, United States, July 2018 • “La Biennale di Venezia” Venice, Italy, June 2018 • “Goundscraper”, Cooper Union, New York/ United States.