BURTON IN99 Flagship

  • Prize
    Jury's Favorite in Interior Design - Retails / Shops
  • Company/Firm
    Sa & Boo Studio
  • Lead Designer
    Lisa Liu
  • Design Team
    Bonnie Liao
  • Interior Designer
    Pavel,PIG ok, Lei, Chuan
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The BURTON, IN99 Chengdu Flagship Store is the first flagship store in west area of Mainland China. Since BURTON is known by a greater population in China. To build a visual significant flagship store and improve the shopping experience is very necessary for the brand. Also, as BURTON becomes gradually popular in China, to convey the message , “PEOPLE, PLANET, SPORTS” is another goal. For design team, to react to the sustainable design and launch a city landmark is inspiring and stimulating.

Since Jake Burton, the founder of BURTON and the promoter of snowboarding, made snowboards in his workshop, team recreates his workshop by combining Chinese traditional mortise-tenon structure with modern industrial material. Wood and metal build the skeleton of workshop, implying interactions between nature and industry, tradition and innovation, as well as past and future. These materials turn to present visual conflict while also strengthening visitors’ unique memory and fulfill their shopping experience.