Phase Shifts Park

  • Prize
    Landscape Architecture of the Year
  • Company/Firm
    Mosbach Paysagistes
  • Lead Designer
    Catherine Mosbach, Mosbach Paysagistes
  • Design Team
    Philippe Rahm architectes - Ricky Liu & associates
  • Lighting Designer
    Philippe Rahm Architectes
  • Other Credit
    Stelier LD; vrd transsolar: ingénierie climatique; B&G structure: sepia conseil hydraulique
  • Photographer Credit
    Victor Chohao Wu, Catherine Mosbach
  • Location
    Taichung Taiwan
  • Client
  • Project Date
  • Project Link

Phase Shifts Park proposes a dialogue between soil & air and culture & nature on 230ha. It forges interactions between environments & populations. The design invests lithosphere design -water, topography, soil- combined with atmosphere design -heat, humidity, pollution- for a range of landscape distributing comfortable ‘niches’ with 11 resorts. The atmosphere performing is emphases by the lithosphere resources through leisure’s lands, sports lands & plays lands. Urban traffic is partially incorporated in the park's subsoil, ensuring the continuity running 2.7km South to North. The hills establish a framework of vast continuities, intimacy & protection. The site conditions through Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation (CFD) inform the atmospheric parameter. Transsolar used ANSYS Fluent software to develop the models. A sensor mesh throughout the park, captures in real time the environmental parameters. It is then graphically depicted in 3 interactive maps along the alley trough the lands. This "smart" system is relayed by a maintenance center & a wastewater treatment center. The energy produced by 4000 photovoltaic panels ensures the autonomy of lighting & electric equipment’s.