Apartments Zoncuantla

  • Prize
    Jury's Favorite in Landscape Architecture - Residential Landscape
  • Company/Firm
    Rafael Pardo Architects
  • Lead Designer
    Rafael Pardo
  • Architect
    Rafael Pardo Architects
  • Interior Designer
    Rafael Pardo
  • Const. Company
    Rafael Pardo Architects
  • Photographer Credit
    Onnis luque, Naser Ibrahim Nader
  • Location
    Coatepec, Mexico
  • Client
    Rafael Pardo Architects
  • Project Date
    December 2020
  • Project Link

Zoncuantla Apartments

This project is located in the mesophile forest of the old Xalapa road - Coatepec is a land of great panoramic qualities; In this polygonal and corresponding to the steep slope part of the lot, the design looks to emphasize the view for all the apartments and to allow people to enjoy the surroundings.
The project was built over 860 square meters of land, respecting the natural landscape and allocating more than 50% of the space to green areas. A wall with rubblework of stone taken from the same land, forms the base of this building; The ground level apartment has a beautiful garden with endemic vegetation while the upper levels get their own terraces providing them with additional social space and panoramic views.
This project invites everyone to go around playful tours through each one of its levels, from public spaces to very private areas.

The apartments accumulate 470 square meters of construction, looking for space optimization without leaving behind the ecosystem in which it was built. Aesthetically, the project alludes to materials like wood, adobes, clay and earth tones.