House with a garden

  • Company
    Kiryu Construction Co., Ltd.
  • Lead Designer
    Kazunori Kiryu
  • Architecture
    Kiryu Construction Co., Ltd.
  • Project Location
  • Completed date
    July 2017
  • Location
    Niigata, Japan

The planned site is an old residential area in an urban area. Many houses are crowded and lined up. The surrounding houses are all built at the same time. The exterior is made of similar industrial material. This house wanted to change the uniform cityscape in cooperation with the old cityscape.
Furthermore, I wanted to make a house that feels nature even in a residential area in an urban area. For the outer wall, the wooden outer wall material was lightly colored in gray to harmonize with the cityscape. The color that seems to have changed over time fits into the old townscape. As for the composition of the house, I made two gardens. On the first floor, we created a courtyard surrounded by a concrete wall. On the second floor, we made a roof terrace and surrounded it with a wooden lattice and an outer wall. All the rooms have been placed in these two gardens.

The garden creates a private space. There is no need for blindfolds such as curtains. The connection with the outside will be strengthened positively. I thought that feeling nature in everyday life was an open house.