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Asia Pacific Design Center (APDC) is a global member of International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI), which is considered as the United Nations in the Interior Architecture/Design field. Mr. Claude Bérubé is the founding president of APDC. Mr. Claude Bérubé is the originator of APDC, a leading figure in the international design arena, the past president of International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers and the past-president of the Interior Designers of Canada (IDC). Core members of APDC include global excellent architects, interior designers and product designers who are active in Greater China even in Asia Pacific region.

APDC International Design Exchange Center is a membership exchange platform for designers, which is founded by Asia Pacific Design Center (APDC). APDC International Design Exchange Center focuses on serving designers not only from Asia but also from all over the world, helps with global design resources sharing, strengthens trans-regional cooperation and exchanges, improves designers’ status in the profession as well as designers’ professionalism, strengthens both skills and business of designers, spreads green idea and advocates low carbon and healthy life style. Core values of APDC International Design Exchange Center are to discover and help those potential designers and design organizations, to improve the profession’s status by APDC’s influence in the industry and its promotion platform in order to generate more social and economic value and provide more goods and services for society as soon as possible.

The APDC AWARDS have been held annually since 2010 and are currently one of the most important awards in China and the Asia-pacific region as well.



APDC亚太设计中心(APDC)是全球最权威跨界设计组织-ico-D(国际设计理事会)以及室内设计联合国组织-IFI(国际室内建筑师设计师团体联盟)的成员机构。创始主席由APDC发起人之一、国际设计界权威人物、IFI国际室内建筑师设计师团体联盟轮值主席、加拿大室内设计师协会前主席Claude Bérubé 先生担任,核心成员由活跃于大中华地区乃至亚太地区的全球优秀建筑师、室内设计师、产品设计师构成。

APDC AWARDS 自2010年起每年举行一次,目前是中国和亚太地区最重要的奖项之一。


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