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BLT Design Awards 2022 is closed


BLT Built Design Awards recognize and honor the expertise of all professionals involved in the realization of outstanding projects, on a global basis — from architecture firms and interior design experts, to construction products and project management.

BLT Built Design Awards encompasses all forms of buildings, projects, and infrastructure that cope with the challenges of today’s urbanization; projects which inspire the next generation of professionals. This annual program aims to celebrate projects, people, and their passion for the industry and, through our rigorous judging process, we recognize those that have gone above and beyond normal, expected levels of achievement. We want to share your excellence with the world.


Please note that the submissions are now officially closed for BLT Design Awards 2022.


Why You Should Register?


The BLT Built Design Awards is one of the most comprehensive annual awards dedicated to architecture and construction. BLT Built Design Awards has four programs: Architecture — Interior Design — Construction Product — Project Management and this allows every successful company, located anywhere in the world, to enter diverse and excellent conceptual, in-progress or completed projects to this prestigious award.

There are major synergies between Architecture, Project Management, Interior Design, and Construction Products,  joining and winning BLT ensures that your design, project, product, process, or software will be presented widely, across the larger industry.

# Worldwide

The award is open to submissions on a global level, accepting entries from companies and students from all around the world.

# Exposure

Get published when winning the BLT Awards; our team will support your winning projects with marketing campaigns, press releases, and interviews.

# Praise

Receiving the BLT Trophy will foster recognition from industry leaders and potential clients. Productivity, motivation, job satisfaction, and morale will all be boosted.

# Innovation

The BLT Awards is looking at innovative and sustainable projects.


How to submit my projects?

The BLT Awards is an online platform where designers can submit and upload their projects in a simple and easy process.



Register Online


Create your membership account, register with your personal information. Select your status as a professional or student.


Complete your profile


Once you are a member, access your profile with your login and password. Complete your profile with company/university name, address etc.


Enter your project


Create a new entry — complete your project details, name, company name, lead designer, along with the project description.


Select the categories


Select the categories your project belongs to. You may submit one or several projects, with a 50% discount given for additional categories.


Upload Pictures


You can upload up to 10 pictures that best illustrate the project, a PDF document, and a link to the project website.


Preview & Submit


Preview your entry — all good? You are ready to submit your projects to BLT Design Awards

BLT Built Design Awards runs 4 Annual Programs

We focus on celebrating projects, people, and their passion for the industry and, through our rigorous judging process, we recognize those that have gone above and beyond the normal expected standards. BLT programs provide an unparalleled demonstration of how everyone in this industry strives to find the right balance between creative expression and functionality.

  • Architectural Design of the Year is awarded for single projects (conceptual designs, in-progress, or completed projects) created in the last five years; they must be aesthetically impressive, showing clear evidence that today’s challenges have been taken into consideration —  such as social impact, environmental friendliness, energy utilization etc. The prize is given to individuals and/or firms who have pushed the boundaries of great architecture! This prize is open to both professionals and students.


        • Interior Design of the Year awards talented designers whose projects push boundaries and demonstrate clear evidence that the many challenges of today’s world are taken into consideration. These challenges include how to increase the quality of personal interactions and how to facilitate these interactions, in order to connect and collaborate in spaces designed to merge lifestyle with work style. This prize is open to both professionals and students for projects created in the last five years.


            • Construction Product of the Year recognizes the most outstanding products and materials, whether durable, sustainable or smart. Every architect and designer knows it takes spectacular construction products to make their design vision a reality. From roofing to solar panels, glazing façade to flooring, electrical systems to the concrete surface, as long as your product is a part of a building, it is eligible for entry. This prize is open to professionals only.


            • Project Management of the Year is awarded to the most advanced project management techniques and systems overseeing the planning, design, and construction of a building, from its beginning to its end. From health and safety to purchasing and delivering software, implementation of sustainable processes, scheduling and design software, this award is dedicated to all those companies behind the scenes  playing a crucial role in the industry. This prize is open to professionals only.



The BLT Built Design Awards is an annual competition focusing on architecture, interior design, construction products, and project management. All entries are voted on by a grand jury panel composed of experienced and prominent academics, professionals, press members, entrepreneurs and leaders within the building industry.



I want to congratulate all participants, your projects were amazing! I really enjoyed being a judge and I hope to see you and your spectacular innovative designs next year.

Jury Member, Sara Jazayeri, Studio 360 Architecture and Interior Design

Being part of the Jury, allow me to see many interesting projects, evaluating different aesthetics and languages from all around the work. I would like to congratulate the category winners, especially the emerging architect and interior design.

Jury Member, Angelo Bucci, Università Europea del Design – Pescara (Italy)