Henry Mickleburgh

BD Solutions / Management Consultant

Starting out as a Site Engineer, Henry Mickleburgh’s formative years were spent in the generic Tier 1 Main Contractor Site Engineer through Site Management included a sponsored part-time MSc. This grounding is crucial to understanding the feasibility decisions, Henry has made during his subsequent Design, Bid and Programme Management roles across the Public and Private Sectors.

Leaving Tier 1 contractors for a boutique, world-leading Design and Programme Management consultancy in 2007, provided him with an autonomous ‘self-starting’ ethic and international commissions.

Henry moved from managing Nuclear Projects into Offsite Manufacturing in 2014, where he finds an ideal ‘home’ for my eclectic background setting the Volumetric Modular Strategies for Exemplar projects and industry leaders such as Citizen M and Marriott.

The offsite industry is a very exciting place and perfectly suited to the AEC manufacturing revolution where he focuses most of his energies for Clients and Projects across the globe.

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