Mohammad Ghaffari

Ghaffari Design Studio / Architect and Designer

Mohammad Ghaffari, an architect and designer, is the creative force behind “Ghaffari Design Studio”. His expertise spans from architecture, interior design, and industrial design, to fashion. Through his work with renowned brands like Lamari, Smith, Verno, and Zahrooni Jewelry, Ghaffari showcases his mastery of design principles. His professional journey has taken him across borders, shaping projects in Iran, Turkey, and Sweden.

Through his career, he has gained valuable insights into cross-cultural architectural dynamics, earning recognition with prestigious awards such as the ADesign Award. With nine years of experience in adjudicating architecture, design, and fashion, Ghaffari actively participates in interdisciplinary activities.

In 2024, Mohammad Ghaffari was honoured as one of the top 100 influential figures in Iran’s building industry by “Building Magazine”. Ghaffari’s commitment to education is evident through his tenure teaching interior architecture at Tehran University from 2012 to 2022. Moreover, his involvement as a researcher and editorial secretary for Villa Magazine, coupled with collaborations with leading design, architecture, and fashion publications, underscores his dedication to advancing knowledge in his field. Ghaffari perceives his role as an architect-author as a societal responsibility, whether through crafting innovative architectural designs or contributing to research initiatives.

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