Steffen Lehmann

Founding Partner and CEO, si_architecture + urban design / Professor of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Nevada, USA.

Dr. Steffen Lehmann, AA Dipl., is a full professor of architecture and urbanism at the University of Nevada, USA. He is a visionary architect, educator, scientist, author, and strategic entrepreneur who is internationally known for the vital role he plays in advancing higher education, student success, research, economic development, and sustainability.

Steffen has a distinguished 20-year career in higher education, and a 30-year career as a practicing architect and researcher. He is the author of 23 books and over 500 research publications. Steffen is the Founding Director of the Urban Futures Bab and Founding Partner of the interdisciplinary design firm si_architecture + urban design, based in Dubai, Barcelona, and Las Vegas.

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