Liss C. Werner

Technische Universität Berlin - Professor of Bio-inspired Architecture and Sensoric / Founding Director of Tactile Architecture

Liss C. Werner is Professor of ‘Bio-Inspired Architecture and Sensoric, CyPhyLab at the Institute of Architecture, TU Berlin. She is a registered architect and the founding director of Tactile Architecture. Werner was brought up in the countryside before her university education at University College London, Bartlett School of Architecture, University of Westminster, and RMIT, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

She practiced in the UK, Russia, and Germany. Her research focuses on cybernetics in the discourse of computational architecture as a discipline of socio-ecological systems between technology, human, and nature; it combines material, geometry, biology, data and the sensory.

Werner acted as Professor at Carnegie Mellon University, US (2012), and Taylor’s University, Malaysia (2014-2016), as Design Studio Lead at Dessau Architecture School (2010-2016) and Nottingham University (2003-2007).

She exhibits, and lectures internationally at e.g., Venice Biennale 2018/2021, MIT, CalArts, University of Southern California, Texas Tech, UCL, Syracuse University, Cooper Union, and University Innsbruck, is regularly invited as a jury member and peer-reviewer for scientific journals and chaired the conference eCAADe2020 ‘Anthropologic’.

She authored and edited publications include, ‘[En]Coding Architecture’ (2013), Cybernetics: state of the art (2017), Biological Computation of Physarum (2018), Gordon Pask and the Origins of Design Cybernetics (2019), and Proto-Architecture and Unconventional Materials (2019, 2021). Werner was awarded the George N. Pauly Fellowship from Carnegie Mellon University (2012), ‘Young Digital Changer Award for Best Modern Urban Architecture & Design’ (2017) and a speaker stipend at the CTM MusicMakers Hacklab (2019).

Werner is a member of the American Society of Cybernetics, an Advisory Board Member for Complex Systems at the Lifeboat Foundation, and an Independent Expert Evaluator for the European Commission for Horizon 2020 proposals and loves swimming in the lake near her summer cottage.

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