Dan Grimshaw

BEAM Development Ltd / Founder & Principal

Dan Grimshaw is a design and construction specialist who has worked on premium residential projects for over 15 years in London, relishing the challenges of restoration, renovation and construction. For him, construction is a craft.

Trained in 3D Design, Dan has been hands-on in almost every building trade. He has an unwavering passion for good design and making things the best they can be, however difficult that may be at times. For this reason, he is a contractor of choice for many of the country’s leading architects.

His integrity, thoughtful and systematic approach, eye for the smallest of details and calm confidence under pressure, put him in a commanding position on any project. It is also why clients trust him.

This approach blends with an instinct to explore and innovate, a fascination that compels him to improve the ‘state of the art’, to assess critically the changing construction industry, and to strive to transform it. He sees huge potential for improving efficiency with disciplined design and rigorous planning achieving greater productivity and reduced wastage. A win for all.

Dan has huge personal as well as professional drive, demonstrated by his regular ultra-running events and ski marathons. Tests of mental toughness and endurance, he brings this same strength and tenacity to Beam’s build projects.

Dan believes profoundly in the importance of nurturing talent and is a mentor to the British Library’s prestigious Innovating for Growth program. He is married to an interior designer, Annabel Grimshaw, and has two young children.

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